Almost done with the carving. There is one area where the angle does not quite match. Intend to fiberglass next week.

Dr. King has been working with streaming a 4K camera on an SBC, which would be very applicable for the boat. The camera used 12V, which is covered by the 15V LIPOs currently in use.

Lucas is onboard for helping with the design. He had recomendation for fins that would extend from the side of the boat, under the water line. These would be used to resist wind catching the boat when it lifts up as it pushes against wind/current. Need to discuss with Lance.

We also discussed how wires should be fed to the boat bottom below water. Rather than cut into the fiberglass, which creates a failure point, Lucas recommended that the hole be made prior to fiberglassing. A pipe could then be placed in the hole as a wire-through and sealed with something like marine epoxy, spray foam, etc.

In the interest of working on various components of the boat in parallel, I am going to begin working on an underwater camera “smart sensor”. A camera would be connected to an SBC (odroid) where image processing would take place. Not sure exactly what I want to do with the camera, but I should be able to make it my project for image processing. Ideas are: fish tracker (record paths of moving objects), bottom classifier.