Created a simple platform for the underwater smart-camera. A 1’ x 1’ x 2’’ foamular square was used to float a pelican case that contains a camera and odroid. The camera faces downward and through the clear plastic. The camera would be below the water line and able to record the water floor. Arun and myself tested the float. We replaced with the electronics with paper and various objects to add weight.It floated well and the interior was completely dry. Next the electronics will be added and floated somewhere to get data.

Lance has nearly completed the frame for the motors. The frame is a 4’ by ?’ rectangle of fiberglass rods. Two carbon fiber rods are bolted in diagonally, which supports the frame. This will be mounted toward the stern, with other rods supporting the frame at angles.

I am currently constructing the watertight enclosure that will house the electronics. The roof of this enclosure will be used to mount the solar panels. A single PVC pipe will be used as a wire-through. It will go through the enclosure and open onto the top and bottom of the boat to allow cable passage. Care must be taken to ensure that it does not allow water to access the enclosure.

enclosure building

electronics layout